Elements Of The Found

a found object - complete with its layers of the past, present, and future. Wondering what this object might end up doing or being is a magical process - a process which 

 enables me to discover new ways to imagine existence. I imagine it sometimes as enmeshed between fragments of human life and machine - between black and white - between now and yesterday. Found objects are an opportunity to re-examine the narrative of the displaced. 

For me, lost items embody a physical sense of being between places… the items I get excited about tend to be old scraps of rusted metal from machines, bikes, and cars -  fragments of paint building material or smashed pottery. I like items that were previously useful and have gone through multiple processes of natural degradation and therefore rendered ‘useless’. I like to envisage the previous owner - and reimagine the object’s future through the process of editing it.  By marking it or making it the center of my artwork I allow it to be viewed beyond its current purpose. In imagining its future, I am re-imagining my own. I am challenging, subverting the idea of the colonizer; moving through spaces and taking what they wish. I attempt to have a discussion about this process - taking the things that are ‘unknown’ to you and the implications that come about with ‘transforming’ them. I am thinking about exoticism - and wondering how I could exoticize a teapot…

                   For my most recent ‘expedition’ I visited a tucked away in the shade of overgrown trees. I found a treasure-pit full of junk (most likely an ex-rubbish tip) covered over with mud and grass. Its recent uncovering opened up the earth wound for passers-by to discover the objects and imagine their hidden pasts. 

Check back soon to see what I have created with these treasures…

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